Frequently Asked Questions

Developers of any industry (financial, gaming, retail, travel, real state or media) can build upon Defier's API. There is no need to have an intense understanding of Ethereum blockchain, smart contracts, solidity language or transaction execution. With just a few lines of codes they can trustlessly benefit from the most popular open finance tools.
It is free to use with no rate limits.
We are currently on beta with a limited number of users testing our services. You can sign and we will contact you.
You can make instant payments or schedule them, trade assets at the best rate over the top decentralized exchanges, execute margin trades atomically, lend and borrow assets, handle portfolios and restrict access to specific users, view real-time and historical financial data, collect metrics and generate reports.
Defire API uses the most popular decentralized financial protocols. Among them are MakerDao, Compound, DxDy, 0x, Airswap, Uniswap, Nuo, Kyber and Bancor.
We on an early stage and our smart contracts are been constantly updated. Once they reach the final version, we will audit them.
Yes. You can always access or withdraw your funds directly acessing the smart contracts.

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