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DeFi Projects:
  • DeFi SDK Allows developers to execute different type of DeFi operations while tracking metrics and transactions over timeGithub
  • EasyTrade First DEX aggregator on EthereumGithub
  • Money leg*s made visible! It's a visual tool, where anyone can manually connect DeFi instruments and compose more complex DeFi operations.HackatonWin ProjectGithub
  • Ethereum Wallet Monitor
  • ethalert Hooks on events based on your wallet
  • DAIDex DEX aggregator that trades DAI to any tokenHackatonGithub

  • Other projects:
  • POAP POAP is a protocol that allows humans to collect badges (in the form of NFTs) every time they participate in an activityiOSAndroid
  • log & exp library Library of logarithmic and exponential functions for SolidityIn Progress