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About Us

DeFire is a comprehensive digital marketing agency specially geared towards Tech, SaaS, and Web3 startups. 

We offer an exceptional amalgam of web development, SEO, strategic positioning, and data-driven marketing, all delivered by a single devoted partner. Our clients, mainly newly-minted executives in ambitious tech startups around the US, benefit from time-efficient execution, enhanced organic visibility, and a steady stream of qualified leads. 

Owing to our established methods, decades of experience, and acumen in Web2 & Web3 marketing, we empower our clients to make strategic data-driven decisions, assisting them in realizing their KPIs faster and with improved results. 

Choose DeFire, the champion of effective and streamlined digital marketing.

WordPress & Webflow Design and Development

Transform your online presence with our expert WordPress and Webflow design and development services.

We understand the importance of a flexible and user-friendly CMS for your marketing team, ensuring scalability and efficiency in every aspect of your digital strategy.

Don’t know where to start? Take our Website Strategy workshop.

Organic Growth Accelerator Programme

Accelerate your growth with our Organic Growth Accelerator Programme.

Dive deep into the world of SEO, embrace AI-driven content strategies, and scale your marketing output by 10x.

Our approach to messaging and product marketing sharpens your brand, ensuring your products, services, and value propositions stand out in the market.

Lead Nurturing, Email Sequences & Automation

Build lasting relationships with your customers through our tailored lead nurturing strategies.

Our email sequences and automation processes ensure consistent and meaningful engagement, turning prospects into loyal customers.

Data Visualization & BI

Turn your data into a powerhouse of insights with our data visualization and business intelligence services. We help you make sense of your data, transforming it into actionable strategies for unparalleled growth.

SEO Snapshot

Interested in growing your organic traffic but you don’t know where to start?

Our SEO Snapshot gives you the roadmap. 

Unlock the full potential of your online presence with our SEO Discovery and analysis service. Dive deep into your website’s current SEO standing, understand your position relative to competitors, and discover the top SEO strategies to significantly boost your organic traffic. 

We provide a detailed analysis, including a breakdown of branded versus unbranded traffic, identification of key keywords for product and ecosystem pages, and an evaluation of SERP features. Additionally, benefit from content briefs and AI-driven drafts for your homepage and top product pages, alongside a prioritised plan for technical fixes. 

Elevate your SEO game and drive meaningful traffic with our expert guidance.

Workshops & Training

Empower your team with our bespoke workshops and training sessions. From SEO for editorial teams to positioning workshops, we provide the knowledge and tools needed to excel in today’s competitive digital landscape.

SEO for Editorial Teams Workshop
Revolutionize your content creation process with our SEO for Editorial Teams Workshop. We guide you through understanding your current processes, training your team in SEO best practices, and building an SEO-supercharged editorial process for content that ranks and converts.

Positioning Workshop
Control how your product is perceived in the market with our Positioning Workshop. Engage key team members in a series of impactful sessions, culminating in a Master Positioning Canvas and a bullet-proof Messaging Toolkit to ensure clear, convincing, and compelling communication across all channels.

Website Strategy Alignment Workshop
Align your website’s functionality and design with your marketing objectives through our Website Strategy Alignment Workshop.

This comprehensive half-day session brings together all key stakeholders to ensure a unified approach to your website’s redesign or rebuild. We delve into the current SEO performance, define clear business objectives, and establish a strategic direction that resonates with your marketing goals. The outcome is a detailed website brief, ensuring all parties are on the same page and paving the way for a successful implementation.

Engage with us to transform your website into a powerful tool that truly supports your marketing initiatives.

AI-Driven Marketing Operations Workshop
Transform your marketing operations with our “10x Your Productivity” workshop, meticulously crafted to integrate AI and programmatic SEO into your strategies.

Led by the esteemed Victoria Olsina, this workshop is tailored for marketing professionals across various domains, aiming to streamline operations and maximize content reach. Engage in interactive sessions to assess your current operations, learn cutting-edge AI applications in SEO, and master multi-format content creation.

By the end of this workshop, your team will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to significantly boost productivity, ensuring a robust and future-ready marketing strategy.


Victoria Olsina

SEO & Growth

Victoria is an SEO and Growth consultant focused on SaaS, FinTech & Web3. Originally from Argentina, she is a seasoned SEO consultant and bilingual conference speaker with over 15 years of experience across 3 continents. Member of Women in Technical SEO and SheFI(Women in Decentralised Finance). 

She has worked for global brands including Barclays, ConsenSys, Near Protocol, Ethereum Foundation, Aztec Protocol, Infura, etc. As an SEO speaker, she has presented at Brighton SEO, SEMrush webinars, Searchmetrics Summit, etc.

In her free time, she tries to break AI and performs stand-up comedy around the world. You might think it’s not true, just Google her name.

Kayvan Moghaddassi

Strategy, Creative and Development

Kayvan is a Business Strategist, collaboration coach and full-stack marketer.

As a 3 x founder, Kayvan has established and built companies in the UK and USA over a 20 year period. Not limited to a single discipline, his skills span creative, innovation, technical hands-on work, and strategy.

Kayvan’s clients range from startups, nonprofits, to global brands across a multitude of verticals, including Spotify, Aztec Protocol, TUI, AB InBev, Burberry and more.


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