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DeFi Projects:
  • DeFi SDK Allows developers to execute different type of DeFi operations while tracking metrics and transactions over timeGithub
  • EasyTrade First DEX aggregator on EthereumGithub
  • Money leg*s made visible! It's a visual tool, where anyone can manually connect DeFi instruments and compose more complex DeFi operations.HackatonWin 🏆 ProjectGithub
  • First Ethereum Wallet Monitor (2017)
  • DAIDex DEX aggregator that trades DAI to any tokenHackatonGithub

  • Other projects:
  • POAP POAP is a protocol that allows humans to collect badges (in the form of NFTs) every time they participate in an activityiOSAndroid
  • POAP Vote POAP Vote is an open source, easy to fork, framework for anyone to ask questions (as in polls) to larger audiences preserving privacy but with notably strong sybil resistance. GithubHackaton
  • log & exp library Library of logarithmic and exponential functions for SolidityWIP